The Greek box-office megahit of 2016 stars Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons ("Whiplash") and weaves together three separate tales of romance that blossom during a time of socioeconomic crisis in Europe.

When college student Daphne is rescued by Farris, a refugee from Syria, the two fall blissfully in love. Corporate manager Giorgos, whose marriage and job are both facing collapse, has a one-night stand which turns into far more than just a lustful affair, with Swedish businesswoman Elise. And Maria, a dispirited housewife struggling under economic strain, is renewed by a romantic spark between herself and Sebastian, a German expat who has come to Greece to spend the autumn of his life.

Written and directed by Christopher Papakaliatis ("What If..."), WORLDS APART is a film about people embracing each other's differences. It is about second chances. It is about the timeless, universal force that flows through all human beings: the capacity to love.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Papakaliatis
SCREENPLAY: Christopher Papakaliatis
PRODUCERS: Kostas Sousoulas, Christopher Papakaliatis, Chris Papavasiliou, Dorothea Paschalidou
CAST: J.K. Simmons, Christopher Papakaliatis